I stumbled on this cover quite literally by accident. I have been listening to Gal Costa’s version of “Verbos do Amor” for years…no I don’t speak Portugese but I am a huge fan of Brazilian music for many reasons. One reason is how a lot of the melodies are constructed. The rise and fall of these melodies coupled with the approach to phrasing creates such a sense of drama in my ear that I really enjoy.

I have to admit that I was at least a minute or two in to the listening of the Jacques Burvick produced cover “Once Again I’ll Call” cover before I realized what I was listening to. It was a wonderful listening experience to say the least because it reminded of the old days when a song would come on the radio and you would have no idea what it was because you didn’t have the benefit of a title screen, you just heard some great music and you knew you wanted to hear it again. I hope you enjoy.