The Angela Bofill Experience feat. Maysa & Phil Perry

Watch, learn, enjoy and share! Much love to you Angela! Special thanks to The Pace Report for putting this together.

"At Seventeen"-Editorial Commentary

I am using Janis Ian's 1975 classic song "At Seventeen" as the soundtrack for my commentary today. I'm not sure if Janis actually wrote this song at 17 but she certainly wrote "Society's Child"at 13 and performed it on national television at 16.

For your consideration I wanted to highlight three artists that wrote songs that we are certainly familiar with at the age of 17. My question for discussion is: Is there a 2010 equivalent? Secondly, if there are 17 year olds out there writing material with this depth and substance why are they not being spotlighted as a standard to aspire to? Lastly, why do we have artists over the age of 40 who can't seem to write with the depth the 17 year olds proved was possible?Read more

Will Downing I Try

Will Downing - I Try/Something Special

One of the greatest voices of our generation and also one of the smoothest, coolest cats around, Will Downing. Although not his first single, this (Angela Bofill) cover was the one that introduced him to the masses.

From his 1991 album, A Dream Fulfilled, (Island), "I Try". Check out the Angela Bofill live performance as well as the latest from Will, Classique, after the jump. Please continue to keep both of them in your prayers.
Will Downing - I Try

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Teena Marie celebrates 30 years in the music industry

We're VERY excited about the new album Congo Square, dropping next week, June 9th! Be sure to check out her performance after the jump from last year's Pioneer Award Ceremony in Philly (from the Rhythm and Blues Foundation)-- please support them, as well as a classic performance with Rick James and the Stone City Band!

LOS ANGELES (Billboard) - A recent fan post on YouTube about Teena Marie says it all: "She still sings like she did 30 years ago."

Showing no sign of slowing down, the R&B funkstress displays her inimitable chops on her current single, "Can't Last a Day." Stationed at No. 55 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and No. 16 on Adult R&B, the song is the lead track from the June 9 release "Congo Square," Marie's Stax Records/Concord Music Group debut and 13th studio album.

Extolling what Marie describes as that "mystical, joined-through-God kind of love," the midtempo "Can't Last" features a duet with another noteworthy singer, Faith Evans.

"Of the younger ladies, she's the one I love most," Marie says. "I've always loved her vocal style. She reminds me of a younger me."

On "Congo Square," Marie pays tribute to artists who inspired her, ranging from Sarah Vaughan and Curtis Mayfield to Marvin Gaye and Billie Holiday. The album borrows its title from a section in New Orleans' French Quarter where slaves were allowed to wear their fancy clothes to dance and sing on Sundays.

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Updated: Teena talks about 'Bridging the Gap' musically (via Singers Room)



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