Hip hop legend and current producer, Spyder D was killin’ it early on with his monster hit, the Vaughan Mason produced, “Smerphie’s Dance“.  You can see what he’s up to these days via his Spydo Music venture and for all you DJ’s & collectors, some vintage vinyl.

Spyder shared the spotlight with fellow Hollis natives Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Davy D, Hurricane, Orange Krush and Alyson Williams. Childhood schoolmate Russel Simmons later became his manager and mentor. As a young upstart with entrepreneurial ambitions, Spyder formed Newtroit Records with college friend Tito Lewis. That endeavor spawned the now classic “Big Apple Rappin'”, listed in “Ego Trip’s Book of Lists” ,as one of the all time 12 inch rap singles. Hits have been flowing ever since, including the twice Gold “Smerphie’s Dance”, co-produced by “Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll” artist Vaughan Mason and Butch Deyo, which was based on the incredible 808 beat created by Spyder in Vaughan Mason’s East Orange, NJ basement studio. Spyder produced several more classics for artists such as Infinity Machine’s DJ Divine, Sparky D, Roxanne Shante, Hip-Hop radio DJ legend “Mr. Magic” as well as a string of independent record label hits for Profile Records , Select Records, Spring Records and a joint label venture with Next Plateau (launching Fly Spy Records). He also managed Power Play Studios where he engineered and mentored a few up and coming acts including a young Teddy Riley, Salt -N- Peppa producer Herbie Azor, and a pre-teen Peter Gunz.

Since we’re smurfin’ it up, might as well bring in Tyrone Brunson’s instrumental classic, “The Smurf“, (1982/Epic 12”).

Vaughan Mason & Crew, “Bounce, Rock, Skate, Roll“, 1980