When I review a song, I normally stay away from the “who, what, when and where’s” until the very end. Sometimes when you see pictorials or read notes of the huge artists or projects involved,  it can unconsciously color your thoughts about a song. So in closing my eyes and embracing the full 4 minutes and 35 seconds of “See You” from artist Diya Kareem , I can honestly say I’ve rendered my full respect and attention to this tune. In my assessment,  I have to say the song was not bad but at the same time, it just didn’t stand out as a song that grabbed my attention with a unique quality. While I can appreciate the selection of a simple mid tempo track, I believe it creates greater importance to paint a picture with the vocals and take the listener on an emotional journey. Otherwise you take the risk of losing the listener because it lacked movement and stayed on the same tone.

Take a listen for yourself and if you feel differently, please holla back at us. We always like the exchange of musical differences and opinions with our audience!!!

Diya Kareem – See you by Stratus Digital Marketing