A lot of songs from The Original 7ven, formerly The Time, was known for getting you a little “chocolate” , some “chili sauce” and maybe someone’s “drawers” hanging from the ceiling fan after a wild night. However, the classic song Girl, from their debut album, was quite different. It was definitely a tune that casted a more sentimental light on the ultra cool playboys.

A special note to my guy friends regarding this song: At all times you should have this song in your “I Messed Up” playlist. You never know when you’re gonna say or do something that will land you in the position of having a “go to jail” card. If you’re caught without this song on deck, you can kiss goodbye your “free pass” and the next song your “girl” will dedicate to you is  the “F**k You Symphony” from Milli Jackson.

Just tryin’ to help a brutha out! 🙂