C-O-O-L!! What’s that spell? It’s the infectious chorus from “Cool” the second release from the self titled debut album from the band formerly known as The Time, now known as The Original 7ven. Taking me back to college days with every brother on campus attempting to mimic the epitome of cool by sporting silky blazers, high waist-pleated pants and skinny neck ties to compliment their processed, permed, pressed or jheri curled hair. These guys brought new meaning to the word
haberdashery. Before everyone wanted to be like Mike, they wanted to be like Morris Day, Jerome Benton and the gang. Recorded at Prince’s studio and
released in 1981, the album was originally written and performed by Prince with Morris Day replacing Prince’s vocals. “His Royal Badness” is clearly evident
on “Cool” with background vocals and his signature style, heavy on synthesizers and the guitar solo. This party startin’, club banger charted at number seven on
Billboard’s Hot Soul Singles and had everyone already asking “What Time is it?”