There are two slightly different versions of “Baby, What You Want Me To Do?”. There is the live version above in which you get to see Ms. James in all of her glory.

Then there is the version below.

This version has a spoken intro, and adds hilarious lyrics such as

Momma cooked a chicken, Thought it was a duck

Put it on the table with his legs cocked up

I love you, Love you baby, Love you baby

You’ve got me running, You’ve got me hiding

You’ve got me running, hiding, hiding, running

Baby, where you want it

Let it roll

You’ve got me where you want me now

Baby, what you want me to do

The beauty of this song is that as much as the lyrics jump around, the song still makes sense and sounds great. The erratic lyrics mirror the erratic emotions of a person in a relationship who can’t figure out why their lover has changed. Our heroine Etta is so fed up, that she lets her man know that he doesn’t even have to leave because she will.

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