I’m sure that many others can relate to what I’m about to say. Very often, especially around this time of year[with many friends and family invited over to the house] I would often be admonished by my parents to be quiet because “Grown folks are talking” that was the only warning needed.

I didn’t necessarily like being told to be quiet at the time and it took me a while to get why I was being instructed to do so.

I’d like to create a similar space for music today. Shh!!! Grown Folks Are Listening to Ella Fitzgerald! If you sing (or play for that matter) and don’t know Ella’s music intimately…


Ivan Orr is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, performer, and writer. A native of Charlottesville, Virginia Ivan was involved with the forming and nascent days of The Music Resource Center as its first Program Director. A graduate of Virginia Commonwealth University’s Department of Music, Ivan currently resides in Richmond, VA where he maintains an active performance and production schedule while serving as the Music Editor for Grown Folks Music, a position he has held since 2010.