There’s been a lot of talk these days about Auto-Tune vs. Vocoder vs. Talkbox, and it’s role in music today. For producers, engineers and vocalists, there’s been alot to love about the industry’s best kept secret, but with all technology, there’s always room for abuse.

Well, you know where we come down, but thought we’d spend some time enjoying the music of the most well known (greatly missed, and under appreciated) innovators of the sound, Roger Troutman and Zapp.

For those who aren’t familiar with how Auto-tune works, or the myriad of ways it can be used, check out this clip.



Tribute to Roger Troutman (Music and Talkbox by Rufus Troutman III) “Amazing Grace” from the album, No Compromise.

R.I.P. Roger & Larry Troutman