I know some of my elders keep telling me that it is a sign of growing up or getting older but… these libraries keep closing and I really hope that we understand the impact and the void that is being created.

I just wanted to take a few lines to pay tribute to one of the Supreme Funkateers of All-Time Garry Shider. Often known as “Diaperman” for his P-Funk concert attire, Garry was a Guitarist/Singer/Composer extraordinaire. The list of his contributions to the P-Funk Nation and music in general goes on and on, literally. The fact that he served as musical director for P-Funk years and years should speak volumes.

I had the pleasure to meet Garry actually twice in about a two-year span, once when the P-Funk Allstars were playing a gig at a club downstairs from a afterschool music program that I used to work at and the band was gracious enough to come and say hello to the kids. The second meeting that I had with Garry Shider made an indelible impression on me as a musician. The band I was playing in was performing at a music conference and it just so happened that we were slated to perform right before Garry and a few of the original members of the P-Funk mob were to perform a tribute to Jerome “Bigfoot” Brailey.

What happened next I probably will never forget… As soon as we cleared the stage and were in the audience Garry comes on the stage and asks if anyone has a guitar that they wouldn’t mind letting him use for the set. A very nice audience member hands Garry his strat and about 15 secs. after that Garry and company launch into one of the baddest versions of “One Nation Under A Groove” that I have ever heard in my life. It was pretty clear from listening to Garry sing and play that I was listening to a huge ingredient of the epoxy that helped mold the P-Funk sound. I am grateful for having that experience and to have been in the presence of a musician that great.

RIP, Garry Shider, gone but never forgotten!

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