We all need it. Especially when music is involved. Music is a science of listening and reproducing, sometimes taking symbols off a page or just reproducing what you hear in your head. The only way to become adept is you have to be quiet from time to time to truly hear what’s going on. I’ve been quiet on the writing side and on the opinion side for a few weeks because I really needed some focus like we see in the above clip. For me it was/is a realization that there are far too many out here on this musical road (both the creators of the music and the critics) who have not been quiet enough or humble enough to sit underneath a master teacher to acquire the skill and spirit to take the pebble which begins the musical journey.

Lots of master musicians passing away and if you look closely at all of their lives, they all had their “quiet time” where they worked day in and day out to gain the confidence and courage to reach for that elusive pebble. I salute them and anyone else who arrived on the road in this manner. The rest of you who are still talking loud and not saying anything… please be quiet and take a seat.