Aiight #Growns it’s Friday and yeah you may be at work or not and perhaps you don’t have ish to do but… you can definitely press play on the latest from Tyler Dumont “You”. Many have dealt with a You on the forbidden fruit side of the game. Tyler states “From all the secrets we share, like the urge to have an affair. At this point, I really don’t care, cause I want you now, so come over…I just want more of you.” . In my best old school #Grownesque parlance “It beez like that sometimes.”

In 2019, Tyler released two singles, “ Don’t Mean It ,” and “Phone,” that hit the charts and airways. “Don’t Mean It” debuted on Billboard’s Top 20 R&B Airplay Charts with over 1 million views on YouTube. Directed by Johnny Frost, the video for the song featured dramatic scenes capturing the fiery tension between Tyler and her lover portrayed by actor, Donovan Christie Jr. (Tyler Perry’s Netflix special, A Fall From Grace ).

“You” also directed by Frost, follows the same storyline, but returns to the dramatic acting scenes, and takes an unexpected turn. Actor Donovan Christie Jr. reprises his role as her love interest, but we discover there’s someone else in the picture now! #Growns let’s support the movement and watch the drama unfold.

“You” from Tyler Dumont

#Growns we wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t get you up to speed on how we got here. Check out “Don’t Mean It” from Tyler Dumont below.