#Growns we’re coming through with some new goodness from Amanda Abajian and her single “What’s Killing Me”. Written by good friends to GFM Tyrone Corbett and Robert Donzella “What’s Killing Me” is what many of us who assemble in communities like Grown Folks Music long for in music: structure and craftsmanship.

As you watch the videoplay unfold and hear the story develop in the music you cannot help but appreciate what you’re experiencing in a very real way. Not only that but I also believe that many of you will be reminded that it is still possible to have a melody that is pleasing and a performance that you can hear the time and attention that was put in to make the final product. Creating in this manner is a choice a choice that is only possible with experience.

Hand claps all around to Amanda Abajian and the entire team(listed below)who assisted her in providing an exquisite showcase for her vocal abilities and vision as an artist that will we be checking for here at GFM.

Executive Producer: Tyrone Corbett
Writers: Tyrone Corbett and Robert Donzella
Recorded, Produced, Mixed and Mastered by: Tyrone Corbett
Videography and Editing by: Tyrone Corbett
Video – Kevin Corbett
Video – Ryan Davidson
Musicians: Amanda Abajian – All Vocals
Robert Donzella – Keys and Synths
James Genus – Bass
Clarence Penn – Drum programing