#Growns we wanted to get you in the know today about the sound of Rene Lopez and his latest “Restless”. “Restless” provides the listener with an immediate and dramatic soundtrack for those life moments that require contemplation. There’s a build in the vocal delivery and musical accompaniment that is undeniable in this track and is definitely a large part of the appeal. There’s a story here that needs to be heard and considered and we’re glad that we’re able to do our part here in posting.

“Restless” is part of Rene’s Jam of the Month Club where each month Rene is releases a new free track as part of the series. You can head over there to check out and download previous releases.

About Rene:
Rene inherited a rich modern Latin music tradition from his father (renowned salsa musician Rene Lopez, Sr.), but over the past 20 years he has built a legacy on his own terms, blurring lines between funk, hip-hop, rock, jazz, EDM, and pop while, along the way, working with a diverse roster of icons. Rene’s groundbreaking band in the 1990s, The Authority, blazed through the boundaries of hip-hop, Latin, and funk, playing gigs alongside P-Funk, The Meters, and Fishbone, earning accolades from jam band fanatics and hip-hop heads, who used to pack like sardines into The Wetlands and Nightingales to see them. Later, Rene started the band Wasabi with the legendary John Popper (Blues Traveler).

“I went back to the studio, locked the door, and got back to what I loved,” the New York-based singer, songwriter, producer, multi-instrumentalist recalls. “I still feel like a kid, new ideas keep pouring out and I feel like I have an open palette to work with.” The toying with variety can definitely be heard on his newest track “Restless”. Rene is known for his FUNK and sexy antics, but on “Restless” Rene is laying down his guard and being his most vulnerable. His newest track finds him restless for help, and that’s something we all could use an anthem for.

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