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There’s only been a few times since I’ve been writing here at Grown Folks Music that I’ve started a post with the trope “What can one say…” this would be one of those times and this one is saying that it feels good to feel good in the way that Vintage Heart from Lydia Rene. Quite simply, I arrived this feeling of elation because in my opinion there’s a different place that one is moved to when musical skill and emotion line up in the creation of sonic tales designed to connect with the soul. Oh yes there’s plenty of style here (Lydia has arrived at her sui generis for certain) but the substance within the set of Vintage Heart serves the listener healthy servings of contemplation and vivacity which is no surprise once you hear from the artist herself as in the clip below: personality for days that shines though in the music.

Isn’t that what we want/need? Artists and artistry that are not vacant but right here, right now, right on time. Vintage Heart is definitely one for your collection and as I am still on my commitment to create new memories for myself, “True Love” from this set has worked its way into my soundtrack(my personal theme song as it were) that I look to when I move about daily. “True Love” joins a few other tunes that I’ve desperately been searching for on a personal level because I don’t believe for one second that all the great music exists in the past tense. To the contrary, the palette may be vintage but the color and content that Lydia Rene has constructed is now.

So do yourself and #GetGrown by purchasing Vintage Heart from Lydia Rene.