Yes, it has happened, family!!! Prince, lovingly known as the “Purple Yoda” here at GFM, has released a new single from his treasured vault!!! In first listening to this new cut, Rock & Roll Love Affair, I can musically sense the faint aroma of his classic Purple Rain track, Take Me With You. While this song contains the customary Minneapolis sound, it seems to have an old school blues/rock & roll feel that could easily fit within the repertoire of Chuck Berry or Etta James which I enjoy. Another thing that stands out is Prince’s classic art of lyrical storytelling.  Knowing Prince’s thoughtful attraction to symbolically coloring a story at time, I wonder if the storyline is truly a theme of two people destined for each other or whether he’s portraying a personification of the “fantasy land of fame” and the “steady heart of rock & roll, jazz, blues and soul”. What’s great about Prince, as all great artists, is his ability to create conversation through the music even in its most simplistic appearance. Tell us your thoughts.