Music, when done right should make you feel… something. “Giving Me Life” the latest from SourKrush feat. one of our favorite forces of musical nature Honey LaRochelle not only has attained the end of making you feel something, but upon listening it has more than enough potential to make you want to do something(for the purposes of this convo I will not evoke one of the sage sayings of the philosopher “Lil’ Dennis” who has been known to say “Make you wanna do something dirty and call it clean”) not at this time of day at least. But all jokes aside what we have here is just great feel good music. I often miss that about music: the feeling good part, the release, the lift in spirit and energy. So in that case I would say that SourKrush and Honey LaRochelle can add a mission accomplished to this project because life has been given to these ears.