GFM Fave Angela Johnson is back with her 6th album Naturally Me which drops today and tomorrow for all of our GFM Fam in the ATL Moods Music is hosting a very special listening party.

Bolstered by the uncannily timely and moving anchor track “Black Boy” (posted below) Naturally Me finds Angela exactly that: natural in this 10 – song set. How does one arrive at this point of natural ease in a creative art form? I would guess that it’s certainly not easy, it takes time and when you can find a work like Naturally Me I would say there should not be any hesitation in adding it to your collection. This is life documented in song form. We practice life daily, sometimes we get it right, sometimes we don’t but if we’re lucky we’re present in every moment and take every chance. Angela Johnson is very present in every line, note and rhythm here and goes beyond getting it right.

Naturally Me out today!