Singersroom has some great video clips of producers Bryan Michael Cox & Jack Knight in honor of National Black Music Month. Check them out here — great stuff! Both make good points about the state of the industry today; BMC on mixing diverse creative talent and Jack Knight on music — particularly soul music — and its influence worldwide.  Click the photos to watch their interviews!

“We’re trying to inject some new energy, some positive energy into this business. Everyone’s known for making hit records, everyone’s known for doing what they do.   But right now, it’s about creating a union.” – Bryan Michael Cox

“Success doesn’t go to a particular race.  Whoever feels successful can be successful.  Whoever feels soul music, utilizes the soul,  it works for them.  Elvis Presley, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, it’s nothing new, they’ve always loved soul music.  And anyone who embraces soul music embraces the person.” – Jack Knight