One of the most appealing aspects of this song for me is its lack of consumerism and commerce. Remember that in music? Hell, remember that in your life? Just enjoying the moon, climbing a hill, just enjoying that someone because they are right there with you… not for what they can do for you.

Maybe that’s why the song is called “Peaceful Living”. I mean what do you have when all the pretense is stripped away? Yeah, I know it’s not so realistic(we all have bills, etc. blah, blah, blah). But isn’t it great to listen to a sentiment that isn’t wrapped up in how much I have or how much you don’t have or how much you should be thankful that you have me because I have so much? Me? What about we? Us? I thought that if you have that someone and that something you didn’t need anything else? Right?

Maybe the answer is in the song: “You and me on this mountaintop, with our love we will never stop.” Maybe we should try and stay on that mountaintop for as long as we possibly can because what lies below…