Soul Independence: Liberated

Check out Soul Independence: Liberated. The compilation CD features various independent artists including some of our faves, Syleena Johnson and Noel Gourdin. Smooth and sophisticated; Soul Independence: Liberated is a “must have” for gatherings as well as for coolin’ out.

From the Press Release:

Soul Independence: Liberated

Soul Independence Records has complied another amazing collection of music inspired and spurred on by the popularity and demand of the first edition; coupled with the discovery of new and emerging artists with a high calibre of musical artistry enthusiastic to showcase their material on this influential independent soul label. This CD includes rare and previously unreleased material from Honey Larochelle, The House of Opaz, Melodie Nicholson, Nathaniel, Darrius, Ebony Marks and Grammy Award Nominated Syleena Johnson with Syl Johnson’s legendary band.

The latest edition comes full of musical and talented surprises with many tracks on CD format for the first time. Lovingly put together with the music connoisseur in mind, Soul Independence: Liberated, is a music lover’s dream, packed with a *handpicked selection of gems from the likes of Slakah The Beatchild, Noel Gourdin and Kendra Cash. SI Records said: “We have carefully selected artists and tracks to showcase some of the amazing independent talent out there. We admire and are continually inspired by these artists who just get out there producing their music with integrity remaining true by following their heart.” SOUL: {noun} the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being, regarded as immortal. INDEPENDENCE: {noun} freedom from outside control or support. LIBERATED: {Adjective} free from social conventions or traditional ideas.

Track List

1. Kendra Cash / Smile

2. Honey Larochelle / Be My Baby

3. Opaz featuring Cartier / Mr Lost

4. Melodie Nicholson / Stay Gone

5. Slakah The Beatchild / The Cure

6. Wildcookie / Serious Drug

7. Smoke E. Digglera / Say U Really Luv Me, Baby

8. Darrius / Say All The Right Things

9. Emdee Brown / Nothing Will Prevail

10. Soulfruit / In Love

11. Nathaniel / Night & Day

12. Noel Gourdin / Sex In the City

13. Gloria Ry’Ann / Wait A Minute

14. Ebony Marks / Girlfriend

15. D. Reed / One Chance

**Special Bonus Track 16. Syleena Johnson / Makings Of You with Syl Johnson’s Legendary Band