In life, we can often take cues from various things in our life. At certain times, we may be battling  against a habit we desperately want to change. In other times, we may be dealing with the  disappointments or loss of the past year.  But in this video, Jill admonishes us to live our lives “golden”. Now please understand the value of gold or golden in such a scenario. As a precious metal, gold is highly attractive and sought after. Even in a downward economic market where everything is down, gold has the ability to go up in value. So if your life seems to mirror the perilous ice and snow storms of Atlanta today, remember to carry your own sunshine and retain the “golden” spirit God give you. Understand your value and greatness even in the bleakest of times. Because when you do, you embody a radiance that not only inspires your spirit, it awakens the spirit of others as well. 🙂

Tell ’em, Jill!!!