Known for his  narcissistic persona , Morris Day is notorious for being the primping playboy with the egotistical mantra of his own greatness. In being this flamboyant gigolo with the chili sauce, he is the man every woman wants and every man hopes to be. But in addition to his larger than life role as the front man of The Original 7ven, he’s also a drummer in his own right. Playing percussions with Prince’s early band, Grand Central and later creating the song Partyup, placed on Prince’s Dirty Mind album, Morris later created The Time where he played drums and co-produced some of the albums while unexpectedly becoming the lead vocalist in its early formation. Initially uncomfortable in being the lead, he later eased into it like a nice pair of Stacy Adams. While we’ll play Fishnet from his solo album, Daydreaming,  we’ll also check out the comical track, Tricky. This cut was a non album track showing the comical banter between him and Prince along with Morris’ skills on the drums.

To find out his musical influences and the drummer he said “couldn’t f**k with him” on their best day 🙂 , you gotta pick up the Condensate album from Best Buy for the DVD bonus! It’s a must for any Original 7ven fan! Yaayeesss!!!