Jesse Johnson: self taught guitarist, composer, producer and funky genius. The flyest brother to rock a pink suit. Ever. Johnson, a guitarist for the ’80s group The Time (now known as The Original 7ven) left the group after the Ice Cream Castles LP, and in 1985 released his first solo project: Jesse Johnson’s Revue. The album produced three top-ten singles including “Be Your Man“; which features that unforgettable bass line.  Johnson went on to release other solo projects as well as contribute to the soundtracks of well-known movies such as The Breakfast Club, Pretty In Pink  and 48 Hours. Johnson also wrote and produced, “Nights Like This“, a favorite from The Five Heartbeats Soundtrack. Johnson’s latest solo endeavor is Verbal Penetration, Volume I & II  and of course he’s a part of The Original 7ven’s new project, Condensate, available at Best Buy stores now.

Jesse Johnson is one bad “shutyomouth”. Check out the following video, courtesy of Dr. Funkenberry.

Kimberly Kennedy Charles

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