Man, man, man has gotten way out of hand with his evil ways… I think if more people would take the time to understand that there is something far greater than themselves that can provide all the help aid and assistance that is needed in good times and bad, perhaps, just perhaps. We don’t have all the answers but many in their own arrogant ignorance feel that they can’t right a perceived wrong through force, intimidation and unfortunately violence that has lead to far too many deaths. One death in this manner is one too many.

While none of us are perfect, we do have the choice to move away from and improve on our imperfections daily. Each day is a choice, but when the same tragedies continue to befall in the same way time and time again at the hands of persons who have taken an oath to protect first and serve second there has to be a questioning across the board of who are these people and to whom did they swear out to protect and serve? Some of the people? All of the people? Or just all of the property held by some of the people?

On my personal journey I have been questioning the whole notion of what is truly just. I know that I don’t have nor do I want the power to determine the date on the right side of the dash for any wonderfully and beautifully made creation. That’s how we were created but clearly as we tarry here the struggle for many is to understand that all of us, all of us were created in the same manner and should be respected as such. Will there be strife? Certainly. Will there be arguments and false accusations, insults and so on hurled back and forth that assail the humanity of all involved? No question. But what is the cost? What was the charge again and who is ultimately playing judge and jury and the penalty? Oh the penalty… all of our humanity is equal, all.

As we have lived under the rule of the line of Caesars for eons and in the quest to do whatever is “right” we have rendered not only what is due to Caesar but far more. It use to be fodder when someone would tell you not to “Throw water on my face and the tell me it’s raining.” Now? It’s been raining for too long for families who have had to endure the type of loss of life that the Brown Family has (and countless others) only to be confronted with not one why but a seemingly never ending list of whys. In far too many instances the us in this justice system of ours is not working because there was never a we to begin with. When you understand and respect the humanity of others as it relates to your own humanity the end results are vastly different. Perhaps we could all make an effort to work on becoming an actual we by spending sometime with the you that should reside in all of us.