“Time is infinate but never waits.” Powerful. One of the many lines that MC Loe Pesci uses to grab the ears of listeners in the first single off of his album GOODX2, released on 2-16-12. Half of the hip hop duo OG Hindu Kush, Pesci represents Montreal and is ready for transition. “DMT with Joe Rogan” is a sweet mix of grind and hip hop laid over a grimey beat.

Pesci is known for his success as a battle MC on King of the Dot, a premier battle league for all of North America, but the transition from battle rapper to track layer is usually a long and difficult process for most. Pesci places a strong foot forward with his new album and single. Listen and download a digital copy here ( http://oghindukush.bandcamp.com/album/good-x-2 ) And as an artist himself, Loe went the extra mile and commissioned original artwork by a different artist for each track on the album. But for now check the video for “DMT with Joe Rogan” below, an interesting contrast of how truly complex simplicity can be.