You can file this under something you need to checkout if you haven’t already. Live From Daryl’s House is a monthly webcast concert series from, you guessed it Daryl Hall’s house.

As one half of the most successful duo in rock history Hall and Oates, (Hall and Oates have been sampled by artists such as De La Soul, Young Jeezy, Donnell Jones and Young Gunz) Daryl Hall forged his legacy as a songwriter and musician par excellence. At a time when he and many of his guests (who are legends in their own right) could be content to let their respective discographies speak for themselves, they choose to get together, rehearse and make music for the love of music.

Every aspiring singer, musician, and songwriter should watch the entire series for not only the performances but the rehearsal clips and the conversations over lunch. Lots to be learned here. This is live, no overdubs, real music and real emotion. This is Philly Soul at its best. Thank you Daryl for your labor of love, your love of this music.

Please if you have not already viewed this episode with the great Smokey Robinson please do so, you will not regret it.