One only needed to be online for a hot minute today to see that folks have been waiting on this! Congrats ladies, this well-deserved adulation could not happen to a finer group of musicians.

Isn’t it great to be excited about music again? That’s really what all the RT’s and blog posts are saying. There was a time when new music arrived with fresh sounds and ideas and you just had keep moving that needle back or push rewind or engage the repeat button. Music is not to be tolerated, music is to be adored. Quite simply I adore the sound of “In The Meantime”.

This song has lots of character, there’s drama with the rise and fall of volume between sections. The music is arranged in a manner that runs counter to the conventional wisdom of the day… I literally was having a discussion with someone the other day about how instrumental breaks etc., rarely exist anymore and if you happen to insert one you might succeed in creating a “new” trend. Let’s hope so.

KING exists in their own sonic universe and that’s what all artists should strive for: Your own sound. So much color here but done so tastefully and the melodist in me loves that I have something that my ear can hang its hat on. Somewhere I can return. Sometimes folks get so far afield with trying to do so much that you couldn’t remember what was happening melodically if you tried.

If “In The Meantime” and KING are not in your life, you need them to be. So, if you haven’t already pressed that play button close your eyes, press play and be prepared to be transported to a place where music dwells.