I was originally going to post something else regarding Kim Burrell’s new video, Sweeter but I felt the need to address certain replies I witnessed on YouTube. While I saw a number of supportive comments for this video, there were also those who had a different opinion to the nature of this piece. Truthfully, I believe everyone is entitled to their own thoughts and I respect that. On the other hand, I sometimes run into a deep sense of disappointment when I see this seemingly small vision of what gospel should sound or look like. It’s as if we forgot this was the same mindset thrown at Kirk Franklin for being too “radical” or Bebe & Cece for not mentioning the name of Jesus in some of their songs, yet these artists have made an instrumental contribution to gospel music and the lives of many people “in and out” the church.

I personally enjoyed this piece and appreciated the turn off the beaten track of the “traditional” gospel video. Sweeter will make you long for the whispering sea and the peace it beckons. Director, Krishnar Lewis, expresses an intimate video which captures not only Kim’s beauty but an exotic and intoxicating landscape in South America. It inspires an intimacy that can stir the heart towards a “sweeter”  and closer walk with God. Watch this video and be blessed!