Keke Wyatt

Ok ya’ll, I’ve been running like big mama down the aisle of a Friday night revival but, I did manage to get you some good stuff along the way. I had the great opportunity to check out Keke Wyatt’s album release party for her current CD, Unbelievable at Justin’s in Atlanta last week. The crowd was thick and yes, we were waiting on Keke like a patient waiting for an ambulance in the hood!!! Now, I don’t know if Justin’s was trying to sell mo’ liquor or there were other situations going down but my feet were barking and growling something serious by the end of the night. However, regardless of the looooooooooooong wait, I have to admit Keke sang her ass off, period. I could say more but I think our video clips say more than I could describe. Her voice – hands down – was phenomenal.  Check it out for yourself!