Ok, GFM fam!!!!! Your girl is back bringing you the foolery as only “I” can. For those of you who remember Arsenio Hall’s parody character, Chunky A, you’re gonna love this “interview skit“. Happy Friday Foolery!!!!

Before Ruben Studdard was crooning his sorrowful salutations in the song, “Sorry” there was one originator of “big love” and “sorry” lines. It’s the one and only, Chunky A!!!  We had the great opportunity to get an exclusive interview with the “Chunky” man himself to see what’s he up to. Check it out!

WestStyle:  Chunky A……man, you don’t know how happy I am to be here with you!!! How you doing?!?! What you been up to, man?!?

Chunky A: I just been doing my thang as usual. You know…representing for the fat boys everywhere.

WStyle: I know, man! Last I heard A&E was reaching out to you for a reality show. Tell us about that.

Chunky: Yeah, we still in the works of making that happen. Basically my fans will have a chance to see me back in the studio, promoting my music and in rare action with my ladies. The show is called “It Ain’t Funky if it Ain’t Chunky”.

WStyle: Chunky, I’m am so excited about that! How did that deal come about?

Chunky: Well, they were having a lot of problems with the Jackson brothers and their show. Word on the street was A&E didn’t have enough in the budget for Jermaine’s hair expenses. They had to adjust camera shoots and lighting to make sure they didn’t have any accidents on set.  You know it takes a lot to make that hair “polished” and naturally “do what it do”, you know.

WStyle: Yeah and it does a lot!!!

Chunky: Yeah, it does.

WStyle: Now you mentioned something earlier about your music. Can you tell our readers a little about that?

Chunky: Yeah, I been working on it for a minute with Diddy…..Puffy……Sean…..hell, I don’t know what the hell he’s calling himself today -probably “The Artist Formally Known as Diddy,Puffy, Sean, Etc.” Anyway, we been working in the studio with some new material. Because Bad Boy Records has literally gone south – no pun intended- we’re working on a label deal together. It’ll be called “Fat Boy Records”.

WStyle: Now, that’s interesting.

Chunky: Yeah, at first I was going to be in a group. We were the remixed version of the “The Fat Boys”. In the beginning, it was me, Fat Albert,  Ruben Studdard and Heavy D. The group was called “The Chunky Asses” but Heavy D got skinny on us and that just messed it all up.

WStyle: Well, ya’ll still could have kept going without Heavy D, right?

Chunky: Yeah, we were but we started having creative differences and fighting over two-piece chicken meals at Popeye’s in the studio. We damaged a lot of equipment and the engineers didn’t want to work with us as a group.

WStyle: Dude, I’m sorry that happen. That probably would have been a great album. Now, I heard not too long ago that you and Whitney were getting back together. Could you give me the scoop?

Chunky: Yeah after Whitney dumped “broke-ass” Bobby, she started stalking me down, man. She started talking ’bout how she missed that good loving I use to put on her and how Bobby wasn’t putting it down like I did. I told her, “baby, when you go fat, you never go back.” My name is Chunky for a reason, you hear what I’m saying…

WStyle: Yeah man, I feel ya! So you got any collaborations coming out?

Chunky: Well, I’m working with Trey Songz on a remix for “Say Ahhhh”.

WStyle: Damn…..Chunky not you too. Everybody got him on their album.

Chunky: Yeah, I know he can’t sing worth a damn but he’s hot right now and I’m gonna ride that train ’til the wheels fall off.

WStyle: (sigh) Alright, man.

Chunky: Now, like I said we’re working on another remix for “Say Ahhh”. It’ll be called “Say Help!!!!”

WStyle: “Say Help”?!? Why would you call it that?

Chunky: Well, when I’m with my ladies and I’m giving them that good lovin’, that’s usually what they say in the middle of my strokin’. I’m not a player, but I sure as hell “crush” a lot.

WStyle: Wow, Chunky! Don’t hurt ’em (laughter). Let me say it’s been a pleasure spending this time with you. Let’s give our viewers one of your greatest hits, “Sorry”.

Chunky: It’s been a pleasure talking to you to. And look out for my single, “You Can’t Pass, Cause of My Fat Ass!”. You can find it on iTunes.

WStyle: Thank you, Chunky.