GFM’s DJKKC and The Love Man go in-depth in part one of their two part discussion of Sexy Versus the third studio release from Al B. Sure! In this episode Al’s production work with the likes of Jodeci, Tevin Campbell as well as his own projects leading up to the release of “Sexy Versus”. We are releasing this podcast today in honor of the lead single “Right Now” being the #1 R&B single on October 31, 1992!

1992 was an interesting year on the R&B singles chart as it was the last year of the decade that had what I refer to as real diversity in the number of different artists to reach number one. In 1992 there were 28 different artists that hit #1. The following year in 1993 there were 13. This is a trend that would continue throughout the decade and at points would even reach the single digit artist representation numbers that we see on the charts today. I wanted to make a point of this trend because what I believe it shows is that the more homogeneous music becomes through very tight playlisting ultimately the music and folks who love music suffer. Why? Because everyone wants to be number one and if people are lead to believe that there’s only one sound that can get you there what do you think the end result will be? That’s right, a lot of folks emulating what they think the people want to hear.

Sexy Versus and “Right Now” do not occupy that space. This is an album and a recording where Al B. Sure! was concerned with what he had to say as opposed to what people were telling him that people needed to hear. Fortunately for all of us, Al was right.