Yes, the irony. I know. But seriously, always consider the source. There are some great blogs out here and terrible books and vice-versa. The Grown Folks Challenge is to always interrogate the source and to have more than one source of information, like oh I don’t know try several reputable sources. But more important than that is the realization that what we take in always comes out, sometimes at the least opportune moment. So if all of your opinions are formed by the less than reputable blogs with their link-bait and gotcha journalism, then your interactions both online and off will begin to reflect those inputs. Don’t believe me? Just monitor any of your social media feeds and you will see the verbatim reciters of misinformation society well represented.

But when you’re Grown, you take a different approach. You know the looks like, walks like, talks like all too well. You know what and who you’re dealing with because you spent more time reflecting that posting, that’s what happens when you read… the good stuff. Hopefully, we are able to provide you with the good stuff here and we’re also Grown enough and friendly enough to tell you that as soon as you’ve finished reading this go grab a great book and some great music because we’ve got even more growing to do, together.