Today I had to post another great mix that comes to us by way of DJ Polished Solid. An incredible tribute to the work of a fantastic musician/composer and arranger that I was introduced to like so many other through his work with Prince. As one of my favorite professors in music school would say “This is muuuu-sic!” and we are very appreciative that DJ Polished Solid put this together and that we can share it with you.

DJ Polished Solid – CLARE FISCHER on Strings (No Turn Unstoned #181) 2012-02-05 by on

Watch an interview with Brent & Clare Fischer at Red Bull Academy!

DJ Polished Solid states in her show notes:

“This mix will feature Clare Fischer’s musical contributions as a strings / orchestral arranger, most notably his collaborations with Prince and related projects. However, Clare Fischer’s musical output reaches FAR beyond this limited view, as he recorded over 50 jazz / latin jazz albums himself.

However, his arrangements for Prince were my introduction to Clare and his genius, and, through this mix, I want to give reverence to how Clare’s significant contributions really transformed Prince’s (and others) music into something even more transcendent and heavenly.]

I tried to keep all the songs for this mix at most two degrees of separation from Prince with the notable exception of Switch/The Debarge.”

Polished Solid hosts a weekly show live every Sunday from 4pm-6pm EST at Make sure to keep your ears open for mixes

Intro (Baby, You’re a Trip) / Mia Bocca – Jill Jones – [Paisley Park]

Under The Cherry Moon – Prince – [Warner Home Video]

River Run Dry – The Family – [Paisley Park]

The Future – Prince – [Warner Bros]

Fool’s Paradise – Rufus – [MCA]

Nothing Compares 2 U – The Family – [Paisley Park]

Damn U – Prince & The New Power Generation – [Warner Bros]

Your Smile – Rufus – [MCA]

Alexa De Paris (Extended Version) – Prince and The Revolution – [Paisley Park]

G Spot (Dance Mix) – Jill Jones – [Paisley Park]

High Fashion – The Family – [Paisley Park]

Push – Prince & The New Power Generation – [Paisley Park]

Close The Door – Rufus – [MCA]

Kamasutra/Eternal Embrace – NPG Orchestra – [NPG Records]

Egyptian Song – Rufus – [MCA]

Intro – Chaka Khan – [NPG Records]

Under The Cherry Moon – Prince – [Warner Home Video]

Do U Lie? – Prince & The Revolution – [Paisley Park]

Anotherloverholenyohead – Prince & The Revolution – [Paisley Park]

Screams of Passion (Extended Version) – The Family – [Paisley Park]

Shake! (Boom Mix) – The Time – [Paisley Park]

Violet The Organ Grinder – Prince and The New Power Generation – [Paisley Park]

Destiny – Rufus featuring Chaka Khan – [MCA]

Circles – Rufus – [MCA]

I Wonder U – Prince & The Revolution – [Paisley Park]

The One – The New Power Generation – [NPG Records]

Venus De Milo – Prince & The Revolution – [Paisley Park]

Violet Blue – Jill Jones – [Paisley Park]

The Sun, The Moon And Stars – Prince – [NPG Records]

Anniversary – Tony! Toni! Toné! – [Mercury Records]

The Dopamine Rush – Eric Leeds – [Paisley Park]

Stay With Me – Debarge – [Motown]

Magic in Your Eyes – Rufus & Chaka Khan – [Urban Theory]

We Can Make It Better – Switch – [Gordy Records]

Graffiti Bridge – Prince – [Paisley Park]

Silly Game – Prince – [NPG Records]

Love Over And Over Again – Switch – [Universal Motown Records Group]

Desire – The Family – [Paisley Park]

String Seque 2 Man O War – Prince – [Paisley Park]

Old Friends 4 Sale – Prince – [Warner Bros]

Under The Cherry Moon – Prince – [Warner Home Video]

Crystal Ball – Prince – [NPG Records]

Under The Cherry Moon – Prince – [Warner Home Video]

Baby, You’re a Trip – Jill Jones – [Paisley Park]

Serontonin – NPG Orchestra – [NPG Records]

Coincidence or Fate – NPG Orchestra – [NPG Records]