So much has changed in music since the release of World Outside My Window, and in the world for that matter, but the time observing that world has made Glenn Lewis more aware and appreciative of the opportunity to create music for those that have supported him from the beginning and throughout his hiatus. The years following the success of “Don’t You Forget It” found Glenn Lewis living life and enjoying the spoils of unexpected success. There’s wisdom that comes from seeing the world from positions new to you and still foreign to others and that wisdom, along with record deals that never bore fruit makes up the music of Moment of Truth. A new deal with Ruffhouse Records and Capitol is the ideal marriage for an artist that has spent the last decade growing as a man and evolving as an artist, while staying current and picking the right moment to reinsert himself in the conversation of today’s R&B.

This time around he’s looking to share his experiences with listeners, creating a bond through the music that fosters real conversation about love, relationships and life. This is never an easy task, but in a time when that type of honesty is lacking in music, Glenn Lewis appears ready to fill the void. The initial result is “Can’t Say Love”, a collaborative effort between Lewis, Philadelphia singer/songwriter Corey Latif and production duo Certifyd finds the crooner explaining why he can’t carelessly use the dreaded four-letter word. In effect, he’s speaking for millions of men, stuck in that precarious position between heartache and discovery.

The recording of the album found Lewis in a very comfortable position, working with producers he’s developed relationships with through the years and creating a very casual environment in the studio that allowed his collaborators to challenge him beyond his comfort zone. The music recorded speaks to those relationships and assures Lewis that he accomplished his mission of creating content that’s real and relatable, two important factors he counts as priority when presenting a project to the fans.

With platforms multiplying daily for music lovers to discover sounds they relate to, Lewis is introducing himself to a new generation of listeners with an updated sound that sounds eerily similar to the sound many of us were attracted to back he first debuted, that’s because his foundation is artistry and he understands that’s what people connect to the most. To Lewis it’s simple, “The quality of the human voice doesn’t go away; neither does the appreciation of hard work,” and that’s what allows good music to endure shifts in technology and the marketplace. One thing he was cautious to embrace was social media, but that’s changed as he’s become more engaged in the online conversation and has found the advantage of connecting directly with fans and creative types. The barriers between many artists and fans have been lowered through the years and Glenn Lewis’s new music is a reflection of the changing times, because Moment of Truth promises to be a dialogue between singer, song and us.

The next few months will be extremely familiar to Glenn Lewis; this is the time when the energy is put in to building a buzz for the upcoming project through interviews, spot dates and getting the first single added to as many radio stations around the country as possible. Later this week, the video for “Can’t Say Love” will be released and there’s a good chance he’ll pop up in a city near you as the summer picks up. In the meantime, visit to stay current with his happenings or touch base via his social network hangouts (Twitter – @beingglennlewis,, Instagram – BeingGlennLewis) and call your local radio station to request “Can’t Say Love”.