Ok, when I first heard “Over” from Drake’s upcoming album “Thank Me Later”, I just knew the video was going to consist of the typical storyline – bottles of Patron, some strippers and fake money flying in the air. Oh, and let’s not forget a “puff, puff, pass” artist cameo from Nicki Manji – she is every damn where! However after looking at the video I have to say I was surprised when Drake went left field on this piece. Now honestly I really had to look at this video 2 to 3 times to get inside his mind only to find out that’s exactly what this video is – abstract imagery of his own mind between the life he once had to what his life has become on this road to “fame” or what we interpret that to be. Also in watching the video, I initially thought he was going to play the video vixen card for sheer eye candy appeal. Now he probably did but they also play a role in his symbolism as well. Take a look at the video and tell me what you think grown folks!!!