Photo by GFM
Photo by GFM

I attended my first show by London group The Noisettes at Santos Party House on Monday.  If you haven’t heard of them, they’re an eclectic, energetic punk-rock group with a side of soul made up of Shingai Shoniwa (lead singer/bassist), Dan Smith (vocals/guitar), and Jamie Morrison (drums).

This group is fun, bouncy, soulful, and very diverse musically.  They performed songs like “Don’t Upset The Rhythm” (video after the jump) to a sweet rendetion of “Never Forget You” and closed out the show with their take on “Children of the Revolution.”

It would be a gross understatement to say that lead singer Shingai Soniwa has freakishly amazing stage presence and kept surprising even her obvious die-hard fans every second of their set.   She hopped around the stage, joked with the rest of the band, rocked out, and ended the show by jumping onto the bar (2 feet in front of me, I might add) and serenading an audience member (hi, Tim!) while caressing his head (yes, really).

Check out photos and video below, and you can pick up their single Never Forget You on iTunes.  Their new album Wild Young Hearts comes out later this month.

If you haven’t heard of them, or worse, haven’t been to one of their shows, please go do some research!  They’re on tour throughout the US, so if they’re coming near you, go go go!  I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on them — they might not be an obvious choice for grown folks music, but they’re so talented and do bring a soulful element that you just have to go check them out how they’re bridging that gap.

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