(October 9, 1979 – April 26, 2014)

Man, this one really hurt, deep down inside! Words could never, ever, ever, ever, convey… Too soon, too soon… However, his musical legacy will live on forever. The world is going to miss out on a LOT of amazing music. His growth as an artist has been ridiculous. What had to be coming next was going to be absolutely nothing but mind-blowing.

Double Cup, one of the best albums of 2013, is a musical masterpiece, stretching the boundaries of what constitutes juke/footwork. His influence on so many artists that I absolutely love, most notably Machinedrum and Addision Groove, was extraordinary, pushing them to push their musical boundaries. Machinedrum’s Room(s), another masterpiece, wouldn’t exist without DJ Rashad in my opinion. Jay Dee AKA J Dilla often gets praised for being the best at flipping a sample, but DJ Rashad could stand right beside him and flip it just as well. Some of his flips are just down right miraculous… Just listen to Case’s “Touch Me Tease Me” and then listen to “Only One” from Double Cup. How did he do that?!

The Juke/Footwork genre and evident influence (mentioned above) have been the only new music lately that really puts a smile in my heart, and DJ Rashad was THE ONE. I looked forward to his releases like it was Christmas or my birthday.

I have to thank Planet Mu and Mike Paradinas for introducing me to this genre with the Bangs & Works Vol. 1 compilation. From there, I couldn’t get enough juke/footwork. The energy is incredible; I got it and understood Paradinas’ push! When I discovered DJ Rashad, his music was the one that stood out from the crowd for me. Obviously, there are others (DJ Diamond and DJ Spinn) who are also very good, but in the words of Highlander, there can only be one…

Checkout the tracklisting after the jump.

Let U No (feat Spinn) – DJ Rashad – [Hyperdub]
Rashad – DJ Rashad – [Planet Mu]
Say Yes – Floetry – [DreamWorks Urban]
Broken Heart (Martyn DCM RMX) VS DJ RASHAD & DJ MANNY EDIT – TRG / Martyn – [Hessle Audio]
Only One (feat Spinn & Taso) – DJ Rashad – [Hyperdub]
Touch Me Tease Me – Case – [RAL]
Double Cup (feat Spinn) – DJ Rashad – [Hyperdub]
Make It Worth – Alix Perez, DJ Rashad and DJ Spinn – [Exit Records]
She A Go (feat Spinn & Taso) – DJ Rashad – [Hyperdub]
Damn Ma – DJ Rashad – [Juke Trax Online]
The Walk – The Time – [Warner Bros.]
Drums Please – DJ Rashad – [Hyperdub]
Walk It Out (Slip Away Remix) – DVA, DJ Rashad – [Hyperdub]
The Third Eye – Roy Ayers – [Universal Motown Records Group]
Look to the Sky – DJ Rashad & Boylan – [Juke Trax Online]
The D – DJ Rashad – [Juke Trax Online]
Do My Thang (Teklife Remix) – 7 Days Of Funk – D[Stones Throw]
Walk For Me – DJ Rashad – [Lit City Trax]
Let Me Baby – DJ Spinn and DJ Rashad – [Lit City Trax]
CCP – DJ Rashad – [Lit City Trax]
I’m Too Hi (feat Earl) – DJ Rashad – [Hyperdub]
Leavin (feat Manny) – DJ Rashad – [Hyperdub]
Everyday Of My Life (feat DJ Phil) – DJ Rashad – [Hyperdub]
In Da Club Before Eleven O’ Clock – DJ Rashad – [Juke Trax Online]
On Tha Move – DJ Rashad – [Juke Trax Online]
Way I Feel – DJ Manny, DJ Rashad – [Hyperdub]
Be Happy – Mary J. Blige – [Geffen]
It’s Your Love – Ethel Beatty – [Mastercuts]
Love You – DJ Rashad & DJ Lucky – [Ghettophiles]
Ghetto Soul – DJ Rashad – [Juke Trax Online]
Chicago – DJ Rashad – [Lit City Trax]
Chicago Chicago – Secret Ingredients – DJ Sneak – [NRK Music]
Let It Go – DJ Rashad – [Hyperdub Records]
Brighter Dayz – DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn – [Hyperdub]
Everybody – DJ Rashad, Freshmoon – [Hyperdub]
Make it Rain – DJ Rashad – [Juke Trax Online]
Big Ole But – DJ Rashad – [Juke Trax Online]
Broken Hearted – DJ Rashad – Rollin EP – [Hyperdub Records]
Well Well Well – DJ Rashad – [Lit City Trax]
Brand New Feeling – Roy Ayers – [Rapster Records]
Feelin’ – DJ Rashad – [Lit City Trax]
Feelin (feat Spinn & Taso) – DJ Rashad – [Hyperdub]
Baby – DJ Rashad – [Planet Mu]
What That Neck Do – DJ Rashad – [Juke Trax Online]
Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless) (Strip To The Bone Mix) – Crystal Waters – [Mercury]
Stick Up feat. Brenmar – DJ Rashad & DJ Manny – [Lite City Trax]
Pop Them Thangs – DJ Rashad – [Juke Trax Online]
DJ Rashad & DJ Spinn Lecture – RBMA 2011 – [RBMA]