Sometimes I think casual music fans tend to forget how dope DJ Jazzy Jeff is as a true DJ. Well, as if there was any doubt, he has blessed us with his long awaited personal tribute to Michael as only he can do. The mix is 49 cuts and a little over an hour of pure bliss, which you can download for free.

You can pick up your commemorative, caricature T-shirt from Undercrwn. Be sure to check him out on Twitter as well. For some background on his thoughts regarding this mix, check out some quotes after the break courtesy of MTV.

After Mike passed, I really started digging, and I found a bunch of stuff that I didn’t know Mike had, especially with the Jackson 5,” Jeff told MTV News. “He had a whole bunch of albums that go completely past people. I think people just go for [popular songs like] ‘I Want You Back,’ ‘Never Can Say Goodbye’ — and there was a bunch of obscure albums that all had really good stuff on them. Then it was hard, because I wanted to keep it one CD and not make it a Mike anthology. I wanted to just make it something that was entertaining, that you could just play from the beginning to end.”

“I did it exactly as I would play it out live,” Jeff explained. “I kind of wanted to give a feel like you heard it in a club. I didn’t necessarily want to go in a certain order, ’cause everybody in the world plays certain Michael Jackson songs. And I wanted to play songs that not everyone plays, play some obscure album cuts. And if you listen to it, I have some a capella and versions of songs that not everyone had heard. So, I kind of wanted to mix it up and keep people off guard. Just give them an example of all that Michael was like.”

Updated with access to the mix.