You know here at GFM we are always joking about how “The Streetz Iz Watchin'” but in this day and age they really are. I wanted to continue the series this week on a similar trajectory as last week, which in cased you missed last week’s installment… I’m really starting to enjoy the idea of presenting what I deem the very contemporary “cover”.

Technology has moved us to the point where literally a song could be released at 12pm today and covers could be up as soon as the song is learned and recorded. I’m not making a statement one way or the other about the production value of something done so rapidly but: 1. It certainly can be done and 2. It could go either way on the production value scale.

What I like about this cover here of Ms. Beyoncé is that it was one of those instances where I was curious and said let me click on this link. I happen to be a follower on Twitter of Nikki who is featured below, she goes by the name of @TXhummingbird and I must say like so many folks that I enjoy following the tweets can be quite hilarious. So last week I saw something about singing… singing? Oh I have to check this out, because the voice is quite frankly my favorite instrument. I definitely enjoyed what I listened to and that’s why I’m sharing it with you today. I hope you all enjoy it as well and if you are on Twitter shout @TXhummingbird some love. You can also check out some other covers by Nikki posted here.