#Growns it’s not often that we get a two-for in our #CoverMe series. What I mean by that is throughout the history of these posts we usually are comparing work that is historical in nature, music that has been released and in the public consciousness for a while that we can compare. But what a treat it is today to not only be able to post this new rendition from Kea of the Smokey Robinson classic “Being With You” but with a recently released visual.

#Growns may be familiar with Kea as we have presented her wonderful work on these here pages. Raised in Pittsburgh to a singer/guitarist father (a la George Benson) and a violinist mother, KEA has had an intimate relationship with music all of her life. This close relationship to the muse and the music shows. Far more than a Karaoke copy, Kea takes “Being With You” to a very different, very pointed and intentional place. Coupled with the striking visual that commands the viewer to engage, this re-imagining of a classic is what this series is all about.