Just like Lulu’s back so is this series… this Harry Warren/Al Dubin composition is very closely identified with the incomparable Fats Waller, but for many of my generation the clip below featuring “Fred G.(Redd Foxx) and Smiley Rogers(Timmie Rogers)” could very well be your introduction to “Lulu’s Back In Town”.

It should never be underestimated the importance of “Sanford and Son” not only in terms of its mark on television history but music history as well. Redd Foxx introduced the music of the aforementioned Waller, The Ink Spots and others to an entirely new generation in his own special way. He truly bridged the gap and provided space for not only the music of his formative years but he was contemporary in providing space on his program from groups like The Three Degrees.

I could not think of a better way to continue the tradition of this series and over the coming months look for more music from the likes of Fats Waller, Louis Armstrong, Louis Jordan et al as we seek to put into proper context the lineage of popular music that has emanated from the Black Experience here in these United States of America for well over a century.