This represents for me the beauty of the internet… you see in this day and age of new media it’s not about being first or having a finite window of time to experience an event like old school television or radio where if you missed it quite often you missed it. Of course once we moved into the MTV generation you could wait around each hour to see if they would play your favorite video and of course now with radio you know the 7 songs they are probably going to play each hour so you may have a chance to catch something you like by waiting around.

But now… now everything is available all the time on-demand and you can hit repeat ad-infinitum. What’s important now is not when someone discovers your music but that they discover it. First, I want to send a special shoutout to one of our GFM/FB faithful Kandee MusicLvr for putting us on to Bigg Milt. Today’s post will serve as an introduction to the sound and message and method of Bigg Milt. Much more on the way from Bigg Milt here at GFM!

I cannot express to you how much I love this video and the message that Bigg Milt is bringing forth. The message is real without being preachy and it is a message that so many people young and old need to hear because we all have to deal with the fallout in some way or another when the dope monster takes over someone’s life.

Checkout Isaiah Washington in his featured role in the video.