I’ll admit it. Ms. Baker pulled a fast one on me the first time I heard this track. “Fairy Tales” starts off so nice and sweet. The track lulls you in with its soft melodies while Ms. Baker weaves a story about the fantasies of relationships that we are promised when we are young. We continue to hear about the person who will come in and whisk us away to save us from the boredom of our lives. By the end of the first verse, the fantasy begins to show cracks in its foundation. After listening to the track for a couple of minutes, you realize that relationships are oftentimes more that not nightmares as opposed to fantasies. Once Ms. Baker realizes that “my fantasy is over, my life must now begin” she reaches that stage that we all must reach in life: maturity. At this point it becomes evident in life that sometimes you have pull strength from within and save yourself.