Another classic song from the “Rapture” album. Anita Baker is one of those artists whose entire catalog is so solid, that it is difficult to pinpoint favorite tracks. Nevertheless, if someone asked me for a list of my favorite tracks from Ms. Baker, this song is definitely on that list.  “Same Ole Love” is infectious- from it’s mid tempo, to it’s melody, to the lyrical content. This is the track that represents when you are in the “sweet spot” of your relationship. When everything is great and you just want to spend more time with that person. You don’t have to create a song to express this euphoric feeling, because Ms. Baker already has you covered. Surprisingly, “Same Ole Love” charted higher on the Adult Contemporary chart than it did on the R&B/Hip-Hop song chart. In the official video, Ms. Baker pays homage to some of the landmarks of Detroit, i.e. the original Motown building and Baker’s keyboard lounge. Above is a great live performance of the song, while the official video follows below. Skate Zone anyone?

Official Video: