ArinMaya “I Want To Be Beautiful” EPK from chipmonk on Vimeo.

GFM Fam we wanted to take some time out today and introduce you to an artist who is forging her own unique sound and doing it her own way on her own terms. As you know here at GFM those are definitely some attributes that we embrace as part of our commitment to being a very pro-artist platform.

ArinMaya brings a unique sound and approach to the craft of songwriting and production. You are immediately struck by the breadth of influences that you hear in her music. Everything from Gospel to World Beat, Jazz, Blues and more you can find in her distinct sound. ArinMaya is positioning herself as an artist that you should definitely be on the lookout for.

ArinMaya’s take on the Diana Ross classic “Love Hangover”

<a href="">Love Hangover by ArinMaya</a>

Her new mixtape “The Sound of ArinMaya” priced using a name your price model.

<a href="">I Will Sing by ArinMaya</a>

ArinMaya on the web.