Last week we brought you an “Exceptional” song from an exceptional artist in the person of one Anwar Robinson and an exceptional song and production from the team of Bo-Ty Productions.

We’re back this week with a review of “Night’s Hot” and it’s just in time for the Summer.

If you listen to a lot of the offerings on radio today you might find yourself questioning what’s wrong with romance? Personally, I don’t have a problem with romance and it is quite evident that team assembled for “Night’s Hot” doesn’t either. Our protagonist in this plot is not single-mindlessly obsessed with a conquest, no this ode is about an investment that is much deeper than that. “Night’s Hot” is concerned with our most precious resource: time.

Now I’m not a mathematician by trade(far from it) but it seems to me that what is being laid out here is a sure fire formula where the end product is the aforementioned romance. Dinner, candlelight, a tux and a tie? Sounds like romance to me. This must be written for a very special lady because the urgency in Anwar’s vocal delivery and his to-do list before he arrives to pick up his date gives this listener the impression that this is not just a “I’m bored, looking for something to get into” type of scenario.

This is a Summer song, no doubt about it. It just evokes that feeling of a little more leisure time, a little less hectic pace, those memories that you treasure for a lifetime. I like to call it: Moonroof Summer Night Music.

I love the contrast between the verses and the choruses on this tune. Space is the place in the verses and you almost feel like your inside the space where Anwar(and all of us at one time or another) is having that inner dialog with self. The verses capture that sense of one of the missing elements that I rant about all the time in this blog which is the Blues. The guitar has just the right amount of delta dust on it that you can almost see Clarksville, Miss. in the rearview mirror. This is the perfect backdrop for Anwar’s narrative. Then, the choruses pull it altogether by taking us from the various locations and scenes in the verses and giving us that constant ride to romance around 8.

Ultimately, “Night’s Hot” goes where great songs of Summer’s past used to go. A great time, a great story, a celebration of the energy and excitement that exist in real romantic relationships. This is music tailor-made for the cookout, or any other function you may be having this Summer, so don’t hesitate to support great music.

“Night’s Hot”-Anwar Robinson, written and produced by Bo-Ty Productions out now!