A girl’s gotta watch her heart cause love can burn

Well you know over here at GFM we’ve been riding with the sounds of Anais Aida for a minute and you know how we do: When we ride with an artist we ride. Anais has been getting us hooked on her sound by putting her definitive spin on some great covers and if you’re going to do a cover that’s the way it should be done, Donny Hathaway/Luther style where sometimes you don’t realize the song is a cover because the artist has put such a sonic signature on it.

Well Anais and her team consisting of Alejandro Ghersi and Erin Rioux have brought to the fore, an original Anais production and it does not disappoint. The elements that we discuss here often are there: A great lyric, great performance and production. Available now as a download but I would like to encourage the GFM fam to not only download but if you are down for the sound recommend and put someone on to this artist and hopefully they will do the same.

The power is not a radio the power is in the people you make the playlist.