Is that too much to ask? I mean I sorta get it… it’s a new era and all but some of this “news” just isn’t news at all. There are consequences to this laissez faire approach to media that often devolves into a really bad version of “telephone”. It’s not even a question of knowing better, we know better. But the machine must be fed at all times at any and all costs. Those who choose to “share” some of the tripe that is out there without taking just a little bit of time to interrogate are simply cogs caught up in a much larger wheel. I’m not saying they’re blameless I’m just saying that there’s always another primed to step in to keep links coming.

This guy over here… yeah he’s just tired and is asking Santa for a little help so that in 2015 some of the junk can be removed from the information superhighway. Of course the cynic in me says “good luck with that” and realizes that perhaps the gift that will be given is an exit ramp.