Inside The Album Jill Jones

Real Prince fans know that Jill Jones has always been Prince’s secret weapon, and in light of the 30th anniversary of Jill Jones, Jill’s eponymous debut, on May 27th, the egregious error of not including proper credits for Jill’s myriad contributions on Purple Rain Deluxe, and Jill’s upcoming birthday on July 11th, we at GFM thought it was about time to talk about what nobody seems to ever talk about: the masterpiece that the debut album, Jill Jones, is and more importantly discuss one of the most prolific contributors to Prince’s music, Jill Jones. People need to begin to recognize… Jill Jones was the glue that held a many Prince compositions together 😉

If you want even more Jill Jones, please read the article by our guest on this episode of Inside The Album podcast, Rhonda Nicole who interviewed Jill in February of 2016.…jill-jones-she-is/